Here are some of my recent website projects;

Screen shot of Long Furlong RDA's home pageA WordPress site for

Screen shot of pa page from Ashurst village Hall's – a new site for Ashurst Village Hall

Helen Hooper Interiors WebsiteA paralax WordPress site for

Beeding and Bramber Village Hall – a new site for Beeding and Bramber Village Hall

Steyning downland scheme website – a shiny new site for the wonderful Steyning Downland Scheme.

Just Juno blog website (no longer live) – a blog for the incredibly inspiring and award winning transgender speaker, writer, campaigner and activist Juno Roche. Juno is an expert in transgender advocacy, policy and collaboration. Produced using

House and Hotel interiors (no longer trading) – a stunning parallax website for the amazing Emma Kewley and Helen Hooper of House and Hotel Interiors.

CBT Insomnia – a new website for Dr Tania Ahern, who specialises in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) for insomnia. Chloe Boxall supplied the graphic design for this website.

Beedein, Bramber and Botolphs newsletter – a weekly newsletter with sign-up options for our local community.

Green Balloon Publishing – an updated website for Green Balloon publishing Ltd. This site has since been redesigned by another producer.

John Mitchell paintings – an updated website for Sussex based painter John Mitchell.

Upper Beeding Parish Council Home – a website for Upper Beeding Parish Council produced as a collaboration with graphic designer Chloe Boxall. The Parish Clerk and a councilor are now updating the website themselves.

Steyning Parish Council – a website for Steyning Parish Council who have successfully taken on updating the site themselves.

The Steyning Centre Home – (no longer online) a website for the The Steyning Centre. The site was updated by the staff at the Centre.

Beeding and Bramber Pre-school – a website for a charity run playgroup in West Sussex.

screen grab of home page of – a website for Clea Alber, a Brighton based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

Brighton Couple and Family Therapy – a website for a family and couple therapist based in Brighton, East Sussex. The project was a collaboration with Chloe Boxall, who supplied the logo.

Marein Schmithenner - Brighton Doula – a website for Brighton based Doula.

kerbed Alloy Wheel Repairs – a website for West Sussex based allow wheel renovation service.

Glass by Genea screen shot of  – a website for Genea Waterson, a maker of fine fused glass items in Brighton. Genea has produced her own graphic design for the website.

cbgroundwork Ltd screen – a website for a Landscaping and Groundwork business based in Upper Beeding, West Sussex.

Colette Harber Funerals – a website for the Colette Harber Funerals, a kind and caring funeral celebrant based in West Sussex. The project was a collaboration with Chloe Boxall, who supplied the graphic design.

Botolphs Cemetry website screen – a website for Botolphs Cemetery in West Sussex. The project was a collaboration with Chloe Boxall, who supplied the logo.